Turkey Tuque

Paul Thorne sharing why you need the Turkey Tuque.

You've done it  You've finally got that bird that you woke up at 4 am to sit in the woods and hoped he came your way.  You've tagged him and taken your photos.  Now what?  You have to put him over your shoulder and get him to your vehicle.  But, remember last year?  Blood on your pants, blood on your vest, blood in back of your vehicle and on your seats?  How can we help you avoid that mess?  The Turkey Tuque is the answer.  Stretch the Turkey Tuque out 3-4 inches, stretch out the opening and scoop in the birds head, roll it the rest of the way down his neck and repeat, if necessary with Turkey Tuque number 2 (they come 2 to a pack), to ensure a leak proof trip to your vehicle and the rest of the way home.  Keep it clean this year, get the Turkey Tuque.


What started as an after Christmas dinner visit with brother in law,

Colin Carlisle, has turned into the fulfilment of an idea.

From a patent search, to an accepted patent application in the US and Canada and Trademarking.  To product research, supplier sourcing, market development and developing distributor/retail relationships, we've gone through all the growing pains of nurturing this idea along to where it is today.  While still in its infancy, this idea has huge potential.  Patent pending in both the US and Canada and Trademarks in both countries as well. 

Stay tuned, the story is just starting.......





Why You Need the Turkey Tuque



Shane Simpson from CallingAllTurkeys.com

shows us why we need a

Turkey Tuque.



Chris Daniels from Ohio shares with us why he needed a Turkey Tuque over the weekend on his Pennsylvania Gobbler.


What started it all....