Here's another ProStaffer from our R & D department. Ian McCleary was there and photo'd our first Tuqued bird ever...

I started hunting turkeys in Ontario in the early 90’s – fairly shortly after turkey hunting was reintroduced. The wild turkey had been extirpated in Ontario and were brought back in large part due to the efforts of the NWTF – one of the most successful reintroductions of wild game species to date! By the time I started hunting turkeys I had harvested deer,... moose, bear and most small game species. Being able to hunt in the spring was a large draw for those of us who would otherwise have to wait until the Fall to get back into the woods. My first outing I encountered hens, gobbling Toms and frustrating set-ups but I was hooked immediately. It wasn’t until my 3rd season that I finally connected on a bird. Turkey hunting has easily surpassed all other species for me terms of excitement and enjoyment in the woods. 20-odd years later I have taken many fine birds and now get most fulfillment guiding newcomers to the sport – best of all young hunters. Nothing beats calling in a bird for a rookie hunter – young or old – but I confess youth hunts are my favourite!

The original ProStaffer, Sheldon Evans, finally getting a bio and photo up...
Sheldon Evans
Age 32
Location mallorytown Ontario
I was brought up deer hunting and never thought much of anything else, then in the spring of 2005 I decided to try hunting wild Turkey's as I was working seasonal and had some spare time.
With a successful first season harvesting a Jake, and a big Tom I was hooked and never looking back now.
I have harvested 18 birds in the 10 year's I have been after them 2 Jake's and the other 16 Tom's, that's not including helping friend's, and other's on there hunts.
I am currently trying to get a start on a Grand slam and hoping to be in Florida hunting osceola's in spring of 2017 to add to all the Eastern's I have already harvested.
I have two little hunting partners in the making and look forward to many days afield with them and teaching then proper ethics, safety, respect for the land and the animals.

Prostaff positions-Gobble Stalker calls,Turkey tuque,Lanyard's your way
Field staff-Go hunt birds

Turkey Tuque

Hey Folks, very happy to welcome Jesse Blais from La Belle Province to our team of Prostaffers.

My name's Jesse Blais, I'm 16 and I live to hunt. I live in Quebec.
Last season was my first turkey hunt, I was excited but didnt know what to expect. After the the first gobble of the morning and my first day of turkey hunting where I shot my first two turkeys, turkey hunting has become not only a passion, but an obsession !!
Now I can't wait till the 2015 season opener. I also h...unt Whitetail deer and Bear starting this spring.
I love involving younger kids to the outdoors, Shooting my bow and being in the outdoors.

Hi my name is James Norman. I have been hunting since I was 19 and am now 34. I started out hunting BC and have hunted inland birds and rabbits. I have been deer hunting for the last few years and am tryjng my second year at turkey this year. I am hoping to get my first turkey this year. I am also a great tracker and have been tracking deer since I was 10 in the woods with my uncles.

Please join us in welcoming James on board and we hope to help him take that first turkey home cleanly with the Turkey Tuque!

We're happy to welcome our newest Prostaffer and Turkey Tuque supporter, Carlin Riley.  Carlin has his own website at, that we encourage everyone to go visit.  Welcome aboard Carlin and thanks for the support, Congratulations on your great spring turkey harvest.

I have been an avid outdoorsman since a young age, hunting, fishing and camping with my Father. I spend as much time in the outdoors as this busy life allows.  I hunt many species including moose, deer,  squirrel, rabbit and many game birds but turkey is one of my favourites! I have hunted turkey for several years but was only recently introduced to the Turkey Tuque.  What a great addition to my gear as it keeps me clean after a successful hunt!  Take the time to get outdoors, take your kids and don’t forget the Turkey Tuque, and always… Keep it Real! 

I'm Mike Schnarr and I am a type 1 diabetic who lives and enjoys every moment spent outside in the turkey woods. I have been turkey hunting since the age of 12 and am 19 now. I love competing in turkey calling competitions and I have won many. I also take pride in archery hunting and work at an archery shop taking it very seriously. Some times I prefer to call rather than shoot when it comes to turkey hunting.

Please join us as we welcome Mike on board and ask him about the Turkey Tuque.

Our most southerly Prostaffer, Chad Hodge from Wildwood, Florida, welcome on board....

Chad has been hunting since the early 1990's, and has had experience hunting in many states for an assortment of game. His favorite animals to hunt are the wild turkey,waterfowl, and deer. His passion for the outdoors is truly great, as when he is not hunting he is tinkering with bows, arrows, shotguns, or rifles, getting ready for the next adventure. Chad is an acomplished 3D tournament archer, as well as NWTF calling contest Champion. Chad greatly enjoys sharing the passion for the outdoors with people just starting out, and those who have never had any exposure to the outdoor lifestyle, to avid enthusiasts looking to take their game to the Next Level.

Chad lives in Wildwood Florida